Pakistani General Election 2018 Predictions

Who Will Win 2018 General Elections in Pakistan

It’s a bit difficult to declare who that is going to win general elections. Nawaz is out of the game. I guess it would be Imran Khan or Bilawal Bhutto either. KPK’s former chief minister, Parvez Khattak will not be able to take part in elections due to Supreme court’s decision. He is the very important person who helps Imran Khan but he won’t be able to do so this time. It will affect a lot on Imran Khan’s vote bank.

Bilawal Bhutto and his party, PPP, is wholly corrupt and people are very well known of that but still many people (mostly uneducated) support them. People living under poverty line vote them for few thousand rupees or a plate of Biryani.

According to me, there are 60–65% chances of Imran Khan to win in general elections in 2018.

Here are my predictions for G.E. 2018. What are your thoughts?
– For (244/272) NA Seats, Minus Baluchistan & FATA:
1. PTI: 88 Seats
2. PML(N): 79 Seats
3. PPP: 34 Seats
4. Other: 21 Seats
5. MQM(P): 14 Seats
6. MMA: 8 Seats

– KPK (Total 39 Seats In NA):
1. PTI: 21 Seats
2. MMA: 8 Seats
3. PML(N): 6 Seats
4. Other: 4 Seats

– Punjab (Total 141 Seats In NA):
1. PML(N): 73 Seats
2. PTI: 55 Seats
3. Other: 11 Seats
4. PPP: 2 Seats

– Sindh (Total 61 Seats In NA):
1. PPP: 32 Seats
2. MQM(P): 14 Seats
3. PTI: 9 Seats
4. Other: 6 Seats

– Islamabad (Total 3 Seats In NA):
1. PTI: 3 Seats

– I see two possibilities at this stage:
1. PTI led coalition government (AML, BAP, PML-Q, GDA, PSP to be coalition partners, Independents to join PTI).
2. PML-N and PPP coalition government (MMA, ANP, MQM-P to be coalition partners, Independents to join PML-N or PPP).

– KPK: PTI 54%, MMA 21%, PMLN 16 %, Other 9%
– HAZARA: PTI 56%, PMLN 33%, Other 11%
– PUNJAB: PMLN 52%, PTI 39%, Other 8%, PPP 1%
– LAHORE: PMLN 57%, PTI 36%, Other 7%
– SOUTH PUNJAB (Sahiwal Onwards): PTI 50%, PMLN 37%, Other 7%, PPP 1%
– SINDH: PPP 53%, PTI 14%, MQM 10%, Other 10%
– ANDROON SINDH: PPP 63%, Other 20%, PTI 12%

NA-13: PTI
NA-14: PTI
NA-15: PTI
NA-18: PTI
NA-21: PTI
NA-24: PTI
NA-26: PTI
NA-52: PTI
NA-53: PTI
NA-54: PTI
NA-55: PTI
NA-56: PTI
NA-59: Independent (PMLN)
NA-60: PTI Ally
NA-61: PTI
NA-62: PTI Ally
NA-63: Independent (PMLN)
NA-64: PTI
NA-90: PTI
NA-100: PMLN
NA-106: PMLN
NA-108: PMLN
NA-127: PTI
NA-129: PMLN
NA-130: PTI
NA-131: PTI
NA-138: PMLN
NA-142: PMLN
NA-143: PMLN
NA-147: PMLN
NA-168: PTI
NA-177: PTI
NA-191: PTI
NA-230: Independent (PTI)
NA-243: PTI
NA-248: PPP